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You can enjoy your favourite dishes from our kitchen in your home or wherever you are. Choose and order the best Italian pizzas and pasta in town, specialties from our wood-fired oven, fresh and tasty salads, meat and fish dishes as well as any other dishes we have on offer.

Delivery is fast and free (charged only for the wider territory of Novi Sad). We can always guarantee the delivery of fresh and warm meals at the agreed time. You only have to call and order.

Browse our menu or gallery and choose a meal for you. If everything looks tasty and we believe it does, give us a call and we will be more than happy to recommend one of our specialties.

Bon Appetite! Enjoy and call us again.

Phones for delivery:

+381 21 52 11 11
+381 69 736 736

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Delivery Price List

Pizzeria Savoca - Novi Sad

For orders over 500 RSD (Novi Sad)

Delivery is free

Delivery prices for wider parts of the city and surrounding settlements:

Petrovaradin: 200 RSD
Kamenjar: 200 RSD
Adice: 200 RSD
Sajlovo: 200 RSD
Klisa: 250 RSD
Mali Beograd: 250 RSD
Vidovdansko: 250 RSD
Siva Bara: 250 RSD
Lipov Gaj: 250 RSD
Veternik: 250 RSD
Sremska Kamenica: 250 RSD
Sangaj: 300 RSD

Take a look at our menu
Pizzeria & restaurant Savoca - Novi Sad